About Me

Hi! I’m Katie.

I am a 20-something teacher, traveler, and optimist. Okay, more specifically, I’m 24.

This blog is for people who want to share in the moments of the amazing, frustrating, and insanely crazy life of living, working, and travelling abroad.

I believe in travelling. Any type of it, whether it’s to a new city an hour away or half way around the world. It opens up your heart, mind, and soul to challenges you never would have expected. You learn more about yourself, your community, and others. I believe in creating a voice for yourself and living with a purpose. I believe in learning something every day and finding the good in life. I believe in caring, empathy, and love. I’m also apparently obsessed with lists of three.

Some important dates in my life: 1991 was my birth year. 2007 was my first time abroad and the reason I fell in love with Spain and travelling.  2011 was my first year studying abroad and the reason I started to blog. After living in Spain for 3 years, it’s 2015 and I’ve just moved back stateside to start the next chapter of my life.
All the in between years were full of many things, including poor fashion choices, and even worse hair styling choices. Don’t judge. You know you had them, too. See how all of these things fit together and got to me where I am today.


What are your thoughts?

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