Thursday thoughts

If you’ve read about my idea of home, you will have read about my mild to extreme obsession with quotes. It started some time in middle school when I would go onto and peruse quotes for hours. Seeing my exact feelings and sentiments put into words by other people was cool. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the way I was feeling, whether it be happy, sad, or royally pissed off. It was comforting knowing other people were going through or had gone through the same thing. (Side note- this is probably the root cause of my undeniable love for country music. They tell stories of love, loss, sadness, and happiness which are feelings that connect everyone in this world).

This is how Thursday thoughts came about. Since I have so many quotes that I love and new ones that I’m finding every day, I thought Thursday’s would be a perfect day to share a weekly dose of quote-age, if you will.


The first Thursday thought is a top travel quote, in my book, that I think is a dead-ringer for what travel is all about.


“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living”


Do you have another travel quote that is your favorite? Share below!


What are your thoughts?

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